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Interesting Tidbits About Florence

Florence couriosities

Torre della Pagliazza

At one time, Florence was a fortress with many rectangular towers that were surrounded by one circular wall. Within this “small Manhattan” there existed from ancient times the Torre della Pagliazza; it was the only circular tower in Florence.


Piazza Signoria

The remains of an ancient Roman theater are located under Piazza Signoria.


Santa Reperata

Underneath the large Duomo, there are remains of a much smaller earlier church, Santa Reperata. The remains may be viewed by visitors at the church.


Il Fiorino

In Florence, people exchanged a small gold coin called “Il Fiorino.” Eventually, the coin became an international form of currency, similar to today’s Euro.


Palazzo Davanzati

Known as the “Casa Fiorentina,” the museum features a 14th century palace that is now a wonderful example of typical 14th century architecture and wall-paintings.


Jewish History

In 1571 Cosimo I established a Jewish ghetto in the northern side of Piazza della Repubblica. In 1882 a new synagogue was constructed.


Bargello Museum

The Bargello Museum was originally a prison. Today, it serves as a museum for many of Michelangelo and Donatello’s sculptures.



The very large rectangular building was consecrated as a church upon the site of an oratory, where a miraculous image of the Virgin existed. Before burning down in 1304, the building was used as a grain market. Now, it is solely a church, and the upstairs stores the original exterior statues.


S.S. Annunziata

A painter was assigned the task of painting an Annunciation fresco for the church interior. During his work, he fell asleep, and when he awoke the entire piece was finished. Thus, the image became celebrated as a miracle.


San Miniato Church

Minias was a deacon of the early Christian Church. According to history, he was martyred around 250 AD by the emperor Decuis. The church is located on the site of Minias’ tomb.


Santa Croce Church

There are 276 tombs inside the church. The following famous men are buried there: Michelangelo, Galileo, and Machiavelli.


Ferragamo Museum

Ferragamo was a famous Italian shoe designer who worked in Hollywood. During his career, he created some of the most celebrated designs for actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Audrey Hepburn.


Stendhal Syndrome “Florence Syndrome”

The syndrome was named for the French author Stendhal who recognized the illness after a visit to Florence. Accordingly, individuals who experience “Florence Syndrome” become dizzy or faint after viewing too much Florentine artwork.



In the 1500s, Bernardo Buontalenti was commissioned by the Medici family to create a feast for the King of Spain. Consequently, he created something both creamy and frozen, which we now call gelato. Many view Buontalenti as the man who invented gelato.


Stibbert Museum

Other than museums within Japan, the Stibbert Museum has the most vast suit of arms collection.


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My family and I had very enjoyable 2-day tour around Florence. Our guide, Julia, did a great job of adapting to our desires and opportunities as they presented themselves. She is very knowledgeable! Thank you Julia for leaving us with great memories.

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